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Graduating class of nurses

Be ready to be inspired and humbled. “Say Little, Do Much”, is a 55 minute documentary produced in 2020 by Kevin Moynihan of KM Productions (Halifax) which tells the story of Roman Catholic Women Religious in Canada’s Health Care system who, beginning in 1639 with the arrival of three Augustinian Sisters from Dieppe, France, in […]

Call them early feminists, or the founders of modern healthcare in Hamilton, but nuns are leaving a legacy CBC Hamilton | Samantha Craggs, CBC News Reporter  | November 17, 2019 | Photo provided by Samantha Craggs/CBC Hamilton When Sister Teresita McInally leaves the Sisters of St. Joseph motherhouse in Dundas next month, it’ll be “kicking […]

By: Dr. Tom Stewart, CEO, St. Joseph’s Health System In celebration of Spiritual Care Awareness Week, I would like to honour the legacy that founded our work over 167 years ago. The Sisters of St. Joseph’s Hamilton have created a culture and commitment to excellence in service and clinical care that touches every member of […]

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