Advisory Services

SJHS Centre for Integrated Care Advisory and Coaching Services are designed to enable Healthcare Providers organizations to effectively plan, implement and scale evidence-based Models of Integrated Care.

Our team works alongside your executive sponsor and implementation team to support every stage of the journey; from adoption of MOH Bundle, defining other priority patient populations for your team, all the way to achieving identified operational and clinical outcomes. Leveraging St. Joseph’s practical hands-on approach, the CIC Advisory & Coaching Services Team draws upon SJHS ICC guiding principles, toolkit and educational materials; as well as collaboration and job shadowing with members of our One Team, to support knowledge transfer and capacity building within your team.

Integrated Care – Advisory & Coaching Services offerings:

  • Readiness assessment
  • Integrated Care program design & implementation
  • Coaching service / resource secondment

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“After being tasked with supporting UHNs integrated care journey, our Connected Care team was able to successfully lead the design and implementation of Integrated Care at UHN. This was possible through partnership with our patients, clinical and finance teams as well as Home & Community partners and LHIN sponsors.
In four months, we were able to start enrolling our first patients, our CIC Coach and SJHS hands-on ‘phone a friend’ approach helped us to quickly get up and running and provided vital guidance and encouragement on our journey.”

Melissa Chang, Director, Strategy & Change, UHN Connected Care