Knowledge Exchange

The Centre of Integrated Care is committed to enabling sustainable, transformational system change through the adoption of Models of Integrated Care. We support healthcare providers on their Integrated Care journey with the following resources.

Integrated Care Community of Practice

Integrated Care CoP – coming soon.

Integrated Care Discovery Sessions

To meet the increased demand to visit St. Joseph’s and see first-hand Integrated Comprehensive Care in action, we have developed a monthly Integrated Care Discovery Sessions. This educational half day program enables Healthcare Providers to visit with our team and learn what it takes to implement and operationalize Models of Integrated Care within their own patient populations.

To learn more about upcoming sessions, click here.

Thought Leadership and Publications

WHAT IS INTEGRATED COMPREHENSIVE CARE By Carrie Anne Beltzner, Fraser Edward, Carolyn Gosse & Arlene Howells

INTEGRATED CARE – GENREAL OVERVIEW & FAQ By Carrie Anne Beltzner, Mary Beth Carter, Fraser Edward, Carolyn Gosse Arlene Howells & Brandi LeBlanc

INTEGRATED FUNDING – A FUND HOLDER’S GUIDE & FAQ By Carrie Anne Beltzner, Patrick Domzala, Fraser Edward, Susan Hollis, Andrea Shiwcharan & Ravi Sivakumaran

“From the very beginning, we focused first on answering the question ‘what should we be doing with the patient’. Only then did we turn our attention to figuring out how to fund it.”

Susan Hollis, CFO, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton