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St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS) and Niagara Health (NH) have a unique relationship to leverage each organization’s strengths to bring better care to the people in the communities we serve. Together, SJHS and NH are working to build and implement an academic health-science network of the future: establishing a regional system of care that is evidence-based, patient-centric, accessible and affordable.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in partnership with Niagara Health operates a single renal program that is the largest in Ontario, a shared Mental Health and Addictions program that is one of the largest in Canada and is working together to spread the SJHS’ Integrated Comprehensive Care program to meet the needs of the community.

About Niagara Health

Niagara Health (NH) is a regional healthcare provider with multiple sites and a growing network of community-based services. The Niagara Health team is made up of more than 4,800 employees, 600 physicians and 850 volunteers who deliver extraordinary caring to every person, every time. They provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to more than 450,000 residents across Niagara, including Acute Care, Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Complex Care, Emergency and Urgent Care, Kidney Care, Long-Term Care, Mental Health and Addictions, Stroke Care and Surgical Care. Niagara Health also has the second busiest emergency program in Ontario.

As a community-based academic centre, teaching and learning, research, innovation and partnership propel NH as they imagine a healthier Niagara.

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