When the Sisters of St. Joseph’s arrived in Hamilton in 1852, they began their work in the freight sheds at the docks in Hamilton treating the victims of a cholera epidemic often putting their own lives at risk caring for the sick in a time when health care was a luxury for the few.

Today, the Sisters’ mission shapes and informs our unique culture, which is the hallmark of our service. Their legacy lives through each one of our physicians, staff, researchers, learners, donors and volunteers of St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS).  Our system encompasses five cities, with over eight thousand staff serving a population of over 2 million. SJHS is a sought after leader in the delivery of integrated care, which is transforming patient care and outcomes.

System Day 2019

Every year, team members, partners and collaborators of St. Joseph’s Health System gathered for a day of Innovation, Inspiration and Integration. System Day explores the evolution of health care, research, innovation, and opportunities for the future that continue to challenge us to re-imagine the mission and vision of St. Joseph’s Health System.