Integrated Comprehensive Care

Benefits of ICC
Key principles of ICC

What is Integrated Comprehensive Care?

St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS) is a leader in pioneering new models of care, including Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC), which uses a bundled funding model to support a seamless patient transition from the hospital to home/community.

Throughout the patient’s care journey they have access to the same team. This sets patients up for a successful recovery by connecting patients with the home care supports they need before they are discharged, and once at home, they have 24/7 access to a clinician.

ICC program was created by St. Joseph’s Health System.  Our system colleagues at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, St. Mary’s General Hospital Kitchener and Niagara Health are currently participating in the program.  We are the provincial leader and pioneer of this program that’s truly redesigning how care is delivered. We’ve coached over 30 healthcare organizations on adapting and implementing the ICC program.

Watch how the ICC program impacted Maureen’s recovery. 

One Number to Call, 24/7 Access to a Clinician

One Health Care Team

One Electronic Patient Record

Virtual Care