Centre for Integrated Care

The Centre for Integrated Care is an innovation centre committed to evidence-based research, education and evaluation to support the advancement of Integrated Care across Canada.


St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS) is internationally recognized leader in the development and implementation of new Models of Integrated Care. Our unique perspective is founded in our health systems service delivery capabilities across the complete continuum of care; coupled with our commitment to academic research and discovery. Our extensive experience in the adoption of these Models of Integrated Care provides a unique vantage point from which to share our learnings and partner of the further the field of Integrated Care.

The SJHS Center for Integrated Care is a ‘practical hands-on’ resource for our System members and strategic partners to help drive the development, adoption and evaluation of models of Integrated Care; with additional research, educational, advisory, quality improvement, performance management and partnership activity.

A Living Lab - Canada's Largest Integrated Care Program

Research & Evaluation

Knowledge Exchange

Quality Improvement & Performance Management

The Centre for Integrated Care is committed to partnerships with patients, caregivers, providers, funders, and academic organizations to achieve our objectives and to enable the advancement of Integrated Care across Canada.

“TeamUHN is partnering with the St. Joseph’s Health System’s Centre for Integrated Care to bring our collective expertise and experience together… We’re already seeing how focusing on the comprehensive care experience can lead to successful and sustainable care improvements to support diverse patient populations.”

Dr. Kevin Smith, President & CEO, University Health Network