Our Members & Partners

Our Members & Partner

We firmly believe that physician/clinician engagement is integral to achieving optimal, patient-focused results. That is why our process encourages multi-level participation. Our system is most effective when a plethora of voices come together.

Our Members

Members benefit from System affiliation in many ways: strength in a shared mission and values, group buying power, research and information sharing through the St. Joseph’s Health System Research Network, and improvements in quality of work life for staff.

Membership includes all forms of healthcare entities including academic and community hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, shared service organizations, and regional health authorities.

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Our Foundations

Member Foundations benefit through a collaborative approach that creates efficiency and potential to raise funds in their respective communities to support education, research and equipment needs for the people they serve.

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Research Institute

The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton oversees the work of over 200 researchers and their teams as they carry out clinical, translational, evaluative, and fundamental research to improve diagnostics, care, and treatment for patients in our community and across the globe.

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Group Purchasing Organization

Our organization provides value-based procurement by fostering category specialists and creating strategic sourcing processes which have been customized to lead large group buys for capital equipment and food and nutrition products.

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Our Partner

St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS) and Niagara Health (NH) have a unique relationship to leverage each organization’s strengths to bring better care to the people in the communities we serve.

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