Amplifying our Collective Impact: Mission Day 2024 Recap

In a vibrant gathering to celebrate our mission — Living the Legacy. Compassionate Care. Faith. And Discovery — healthcare leaders, board members, clinicians, researchers and fundraisers from diverse backgrounds congregated for the annual St. Joseph’s Health System celebration. The event, held at Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens, served as a platform for sharing insights, drawing inspiration and making new connections.

Amplify our Collective Impact is one of three Strategic Directions for St. Joseph’s Health System. Mission Day is one way that we amplify our impact by celebrating our legacy and advancing our mission together with our member organizations. Our mission is what makes us unique. It unites us in our passion to serve others. St. Joseph’s Health System is one of Ontario’s only integrated mission-based health systems with services spanning the continuum of care, from acute care, long-term care, home and community care, to rehabilitation and hospice.

Check out photos from St. Joseph’s Health System Mission Day 2024

Mission Day 2024 comprised of four main sections:

  1. A Presidents’ Roundtable, hosted by Keith Metcalfe, Director of Mission and Spiritual Care, including an in-depth discussion about how healthcare workers across the System live the mission and values every day as they care for patients, support families and friends, and lean on and lift up one other.

Roundtable speakers included:

    • Barb Beaudoin, Board Chair of St. Joseph’s Hamilton Joint Board of Governors
    • Michelle Fach, Board Chair of St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph
    • Matt Reniers, Board Chair of St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre Brantford
    • Tim Rollins, Board Chair of St. Mary’s General Hospital
    • Carrie Beltzner, Interim President, St. Joseph’s Home Care
    • Mark Fam, President, St. Mary’s General Hospital
    • Mike Heenan, President, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
    • Sandra Ramelli, Interim President St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre; Vice President of People and Strategy, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph
    • John Woods, President, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph; Interim President, St. Joseph’s Villa Dundas; Vice President, Nunavut Partnership


  1. An Amplifying our Impact Virtual Presentation by Victoria Madsen, Assistant Deputy Minister Inuusivut and Mental Health and Addictions, Nunavut Department of Health. The System has nurtured a partnership with Nunavut’s Department of Health since 2012, supporting collaboration in areas such as: Pharmacy, Mental Health and Addictions Care, Quality, Finance, and Human Resources. Victoria delivered an emotional and thought-provoking talk about how she’s co-creating mental health and addictions care services in Nunavut, inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph legacy and four Inuit societal values:
    1. Tunnganarniq, Fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive
    2. Pijitsirniq, Working together for a common cause
    3. Qanuqtuurniq, Being innovative and resourceful
    4. Inuuqatigiitsiarniq, Respecting others, relationships and caring for people


  1. A Building Together Presentation by Liz Buller, President and CEO, who shared a high-level overview of where the System is headed, including a number of recent milestones:
    • The announcement of the start of the due diligence process for a voluntary merger between St. Mary’s General Hospital and Grand River, an opportunity for us to lead and redefine care delivery in region.
    • The launch of St. Joseph’s Home Care’s Hospital to Home Program, delivered by St. Mary’s General Hospital in partnership with Bayshore.
    • Optimizing collective use of System assets, services, and teams by creating a roadmap of services across the system, looking for ways to improve the availability, quality and efficiency of these services.
    • Creating an integrated care system with expanded care options, new health and wellness care pathways, and more connections across primary care, the social determinants of health, housing, and community care and preventative health models.


  1. An Advancing Care Beyond Boundaries Panel Discussion, moderated by Dr. Andrew Costa, Scientific Director of the Joseph’s Centre for Integrated Care and Associate Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University. Panelists discussed challenges that people face in accessing care, what new innovative models of care look like, and how to engage with policy makers to make care easier.

Panelists included:

  • Dr. George Heckman, SMGH Geriatrician and Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo
  • Dr. Parminder Rana, Scientific Director of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging
  • Dr. Chi-Ling Joanna Sinn, Research Scientist, St. Joseph’s Centre for Integrated Care and an Associate Member of the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging
  • Steven Rolfe, Director Health Partnerships at Indwell and PhD student at Western University

If you have any questions or feedback about Mission Day 2024, please contact Nicole Vaillancourt.