St. Mary’s General Hospital and Grand River Hospital begin due diligence process to explore merging into single hospital organization

St. Mary’s General Hospital, a member organization of the St. Joseph’s Health System, and Grand River Hospital have agreed to begin the due diligence process of merging into a single hospital organization, establishing a new entity. If approved, the new organization would oversee the operations of the existing St. Mary’s and Grand River hospital sites and services, while continuing to develop the Building the Future of Care Together capital redevelopment project for the new, single-site hospital in Kitchener-Waterloo.

The due diligence process is a joint, voluntary decision, led by St. Mary’s and Grand River Hospital Boards and supported by the St. Joseph’s Health System Board of Directors. The transition to the new organization is expected to take about one year, with the launch anticipated in spring 2025. St. Mary’s site will continue to provide acute care for at least a decade, until the new hospital is fully operational.

The decision to explore this option is a result of hospital teams and community member engagement, where it was signaled that a single hospital organization and integrated service delivery model would improve overall patient experience, provide access to seamless care, and reduce potential delays and duplication of services. St. Joseph’s Health System with St. Mary’s hospital leadership team, government partners and the community are working to meet the future needs of the community in the renewal of the St. Mary’s site.

St. Mary’s General Hospital was founded in 1924 by the Sisters of St. Joseph who saw an unmet need in the community for hospital services. For the last 100 years, St. Mary’s has provided acute care in Waterloo Region and is a trusted place of healing and hope for the mind, body, and spirit. We are committed to continuing and advancing this enduring legacy.

In the coming months, St. Joseph’s Health System will lead an engagement process in partnership with the St. Mary’s board to explore future opportunities for the St. Mary’s site to support community needs with input from patients, community members, municipal planning bodies, academic, research and innovation partners, and health and social care partners. This is an important milestone in the history of Catholic care delivery for Kitchener-Waterloo that signals a new chapter built on a legacy of compassionate care and collaboration for the community.

St. Joseph’s Health System will seize this opportunity to shape the future of health and social care in Kitchener-Waterloo, building on our legacy of mission-based care and service to those in need with compassion, dignity and respect. We will continue to advance care beyond boundaries and meet evolving community needs, guided by our legacy of mission-based care through compassionate care, faith and discovery. Going where unmet needs are greatest inspires us, and connects us to the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

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