St. Joseph’s Health System’s International Outreach Program (IOP), was established in 1986 by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s of Hamilton.

The IOP was conceived to empower its partners in developing communities to build healthcare capacity and academic knowledge to provide enhanced healthcare for all their citizens.

Over the years, the IOP has provided guidance and education to the front line health care workers in countries like Haiti, Guyana, Uganda, Israel, Yemen, Russia, Sudan and Romania.

Doctors looking at an x-ray

In 2010 the IOP earned its charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency and established itself as a well-defined corporate division within the St. Joseph’s Health System.

Today, International Outreach Program hosts doctors from Guyana and Uganda in Hamilton Ontario and provide hands-on medical training with local surgeons and physicians. These doctors go on to be leaders in their communities and promote lasting change.

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