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We are delighted to announce that St. Mary’s General Hospital has achieved the result of Accredited with Exemplary Standing from our on-site Accreditation survey in June. This is the highest rating for a Canadian hospital.

This significant achievement is the result of our collective commitment to providing our patients with safe, high-quality care. The final decision indicates that St. Mary’s performs above national standards. Accreditation Canada surveyors evaluated 2010 criteria – 133 more than our survey in 2015 – and described our score of 99.5% as exceptional. In fact, 100% of Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) were met.

St. Mary’s continues to be a national and provincial leader in quality and patient satisfaction. Participating in accreditation is a welcomed opportunity to evaluate our care, identify areas for improvement and celebrate our achievements. The final report will be available online and will be shared once it becomes available.

St. Mary’s was recognized for our cardiac and respiratory excellence, our relationships with community partners and for the investments we have made in our people, including the enhancements to health and wellness programs and our LEAN culture of problem solvers.

Thank you to all staff, physicians and volunteers whose hard work and dedication was vital in this process.

By: Melissa Farrell, President, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

We are delighted to announce that St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has received our final decision from the Accreditation on-site survey in May and have been granted a decision of: Accredited with Exemplary Standing – the highest rating for a Canadian hospital.

Given the multiple challenges in health care today it is truly an honour to receive the highest level of Accreditation, a testament to the dedication and determination of everyone at St. Joe’s to continuously enhance the quality of care we provide to our patients and our community. We would like to congratulate each and every one of you on this wonderful achievement. I also want to point out St. Joe’s received “Exemplary Standing” in the previous accreditation – achieving this again is a sign of the outstanding commitment to the highest standard of care.

Accreditation is a genuine opportunity to evaluate our care, identify areas for improvement and celebrate our achievements. The final decision indicates we have met and often exceeded almost all national standards of care. Where opportunities for improvement were identified, we have already started to work on these areas. The final report will be available online on our here as it becomes available.

The survey team particularly complimented St. Joe’s on:

  • The commitment and passion of our staff, leadership, physician team, volunteers and Board of Governors
  • Our commitment to quality and safety
  • Our community focus
  • Our work on partnering with patients and families
  • The many program-specific accomplishments

As you are aware, the Accreditation process requires our continued vigilance and continuous quality improvement to ensure that we are sustaining our progress in providing excellent care to our patients. Take pride in this accomplishment and be assured that all of the hard work and challenges we undertake over the next few years will continue to demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality, safe and compassionate care.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to the Accreditation steering committee leaders and Patient and Family Advisors whose counsel was instrumental in guiding us through processes to achieve a successful outcome.


Melissa Farrell, President, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton